September 3rd 2020 - Blog

Is a wet room right for you?

A wet room is a fully waterproofed bathroom with a shower area flush with the rest of the floor. It may have a fixed shower screen, a full shower enclosure or in some cases no shower screen at all.

Installing a wet room should be done by qualified professionals. Not only a gradient needs to be built on the floor to channel the shower water into a drain, but the entire room needs to be tanked (waterproofed).

Why get a wet room?

  • It’s more accessible; removing a bath makes wet rooms easier to suit children, older people and those with mobility issues as they’re easily accessible.
  • Increase the value of your home; installing a wet room or a second bathroom increases your home’s value. The B4U team can install wet rooms virtually anywhere in your home!
  • Maximise space; removing a bath can make your bathroom space more spacious, as wet rooms optimise space.
  • Easy to clean; make your cleaning routine more manageable with a wet room. Wet rooms are almost with no bathtub or shower tray to clean.

Rest assured our team of qualified tradesmen will deliver you a wet room of quality, value and style.

Wet rooms from Bathrooms4u

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