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Questions to ask yourself when planning bathroom storage

Do You Know What You’ll Need to Store?

The best way to begin any storage planning is by evaluating the items you need to house. Designate some time to declutter — recycle empty bottles, use up almost-empty toiletries and donate towels, jars and accessories you don’t need anymore.

Once you’ve done this, you’ll be left only with the essentials, and these will dictate the storage you plan. It’s so much easier to organise a space with only necessary items, and the storage you plan will then be useful for a long time and hopefully ensure you continue to keep just the things you need.

Here at Bathrooms4U, we install various storage options, from recessed shelves, floating wall-hung storage units, storage mirrors and much more. 

Have You Grouped Items?

Your essential bathroom kit can now be organised into groups, which will help you evaluate where to find everything. 

How you group your items will depend on your own needs and lifestyle, but it makes sense to position things near where you’ll use them. 

It’s a good idea to create a daily drawer, shelf or basket where you keep all those items you need each day. This will be helpful when you’re travelling too, as you can grab them all at once to throw into your suitcase.

Could You Divide and Conquer?

Have you ever tidied your drawers and cupboards, only to find they become a disorderly mess a few weeks later? The answer is to separate them into sections, and use jars, pots and baskets within each cabinet.

Have You Maximised the Space?

If you think you’ve used every inch of space in your bathroom, it’s worth having another scan. It’s remarkable how many areas we overlook when organising storage. Please have a chat with our sales team to understand how they can help you find some innovative storage solutions.

Could You Store Anything Elsewhere?

If your bathroom is small, you might not have room to store everything. Towels can take up a lot of space. Alternatively, look around your home to see if there’s anywhere you can create overflow storage for those items you don’t use frequently.

This hallway press can be used to house towels and cleaning products, which frees up space in the bathroom. If you can’t spare a full press, you could use a segment of your wardrobe or some under-bed drawers or boxes.

Is Your Storage Easy on the Eyes?

While cabinets and drawers are ideal for neatly storing items out of sight, some open shelving will add a little personality to your bathroom. 

The key to stylish success when your storage is on display is to think carefully about the baskets and boxes you choose. Opt for storage items that have a similar look. Your bathroom will look streamlined and attractive by creating a cohesive display, rather than cluttered.

Need some help planning your bathroom storage?

Our specialist team at B4U can arrange a callback or free in-home consultation.