Friday 12 February 2021 - Blog

Our most FAQs about designing a small bathroom?

What colours make small bathrooms look larger?
To allow your bathroom to look a little larger, you’ll want to opt for lighter tones from the door to the floor. The choice is truly yours, but to maximise the length and space within your bathroom, it’s a good idea to pick neutral tones such as white, beige, and ivory.

This, in turn, will give you an advantage when it comes to planning other elements; as you can add pops of colour with accessories.

How can I make my small bathroom look luxurious?
When planning your renovation, from the surfaces to the fittings, there are various actions you can do so that you have the choice of luxurious furnishings. 

Our professional design team continually states that there are several options to provide a luxurious experience.

Do large tiles make small bathrooms look larger?
A large tile design is a brilliant option for enhancing space within the room. Opting for a smaller amount of larger tiles, as opposed to a tile design composed of many small tiles, provides a lot more space to the unassuming eye – and will provide an experience of spaciousness right down to the edges of the room.

What is a short project toilet?
One of the most practical small toilet ideas is short projection toilets which feature a pan that is reduced in depth and won’t protrude outwards as far as a regular toilet. Well-suited for smaller spaces, this toilet style stills maintains the same level of functionality as a standard toilet. As with traditional toilets, short projection units come in the form of back to wall and wall-hung and can be single or dual flush depending on your personal preference.

Where should I put a downstairs toilet?
A downstairs toilet is a convenient addition to your home. Many people find that the best place to position a downstairs bathroom is under the staircase is the best place. Every feature must be considered to suit the space, from a storage shelf to corner toilets. Trust the B4U team to advise you on the best place to put your downstairs toilet. 

The B4U team will help you prioritise when trying to find the right place for your downstairs bathroom. 

What is the minimum size for a bathroom?
One of the apparent bathroom essentials that many ask for when searching for their chosen bathroom design is, how much should a bathroom be in terms of size? This can influence your design ideas a whole lot, so make sure you know what size you’re looking at.

It may differ slightly depending on whether you’ve got a small ensuite or a larger family bathroom, as well as the various elements you have in there – i.e. storage units, lighting fixtures, and whatnot. Give us a call today on 01 906 5804 to discuss the minimum space needed for a new bathroom.