March 5th 2021 - Blog

Mobility bathroom grants

Did you know that mobility bathroom grants can cover 95% of the cost of your new Mobility Bathroom?

Independence in your bathroom majorly influences your quality of life. As our needs change, bathrooms can be challenging to navigate, with fixtures too high or too low, floors that can get wet and slippery, and limited space for manoeuvring.

At Bathrooms4u, we are proud to have installed thousands of mobility bathrooms across Ireland. The B4U team have worked with varying councils across Ireland to secure mobility bathroom grants of up to 95% of the cost.

Bathrooms4U offers various options for mobility bathrooms and has extensive experience in carrying out all types of disability modifications and adaptations.

How does the process of getting a mobility bathroom work?

Firstly, you get a home visit by one of our experienced sales team to survey your requirements, we will provide you with expert advice, a suitable design solution and a no-obligation quotation. We’ll also provide you with the grant application paperwork and guide in through the process.

Things we consider before designing you your mobility bathroom?

  • Does the user need to be sitting, standing or lying down?
  • What, if any, mobility aids (wheelchair, walker, cane, etc.) does the user need? How big are they?
  • Is the user’s mobility stable or expected to improve or deteriorate over time?
  • How self-reliant is the user? Have they a carer?
  • Is the user right or left-handed?

What you can expect from Bathrooms4U

One of our designers will go through your various options, such as ware, tiles and fittings. We have a wide selection to suit all needs. You can choose from multiple types of grab rails, walk-in showers or baths. We aim to give you the bathroom you’ve always dreamed of.

Once we get the go-ahead, the B4U installation team will strip out and properly dispose of your old bathroom before fitting your new custom replacement. Working to the highest standards, we will complete all the plumbing, fitting, wiring and tiling in just five days.

One of our project managers supervises all the work and will continually liaise with the client throughout the refurbishment, making sure that our highly skilled workforce delivers the very best standards of fit and finish.

The first step to getting a mobility bathroom is to check if you are eligible for a 95% grant for an accessible bathroom either fill in our short form or give us a call on  066 719 7009

Are you eligible for a mobility grant?

Fill in our quick form to discover if you qualify for the grant.