Five must-haves for a luxury bathroom experience

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Light it Up

Every glamourous bathroom begins with the perfect lighting. Planning for your electrics shouldn't be overlooked. An LED-backlit mirror or accent lighting instantly adds a luxury ambience that helps you to relax in the space and is a great bonus for applying makeup before an evening out. Browse our selection of LED mirrors.

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A Touch of Marble

Marble is both timeless and associated with wealth, luxury and richness. Including marble tile adds an elegant touch and transforms your bathroom aesthetic from average to grand instantly. The marble offers a neutral pallet and ensures you can coordinate with the latest colour trends by simply updating your accessories, linens and soft furnishings.

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Bring Nature Indoors

Including a bathroom friendly plant adds life to your bathroom space. Opt for plants that don't require too much care and can thrive from the steam environment of the bathroom. You can watch a video by a professional horticulturist in our post 'Plants to Spruce up your Bathroom'.

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Rainfall Experience

Select a large rainfall showerhead to feel completed drenched and immersed while you shower. After all, who doesn't dream of showering under a waterfall in some tropical paradise? Browse our selection of rainfall showers.

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Wrapped in Luxury

Wrap up in a big fluffy towel for the ultimate in luxury after your bath or shower. Don't be fooled by cheaper counterparts, choosing quality towel are an investment as they will maintain their quality for longer and offer both premium absorbency and softness. A towel warmer is the perfect addition to your bathroom to keep your towels warm and ready for use; see our range of towel warmers here .

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