Plants to Spruce Up Your Bathroom

Would you like to spruce up your bathroom?

Including a plant is a perfect way to bring the beauty of nature indoors and also serves as a decorative addition, transforming an empty corner or windowsill in your room. Some plants are also well known for their air-purifying abilities.

With so many beautiful plants available, the choice can be a little overwhelming. Especially as some plants aren’t naturally suited to a steamy, bathroom environment.

We decided to venture to our local garden centre where we spoke to Bernie; an experienced horticulturalist with Ballyseedy Garden Centre who explains her top recommended plants for your bathroom with some excellent, helpful tips on caring for them.

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Recommended Plants for Your Bathroom

7.SpiderPlant ChlorophytumComosum Ballyseedy Irish house plants

Spider Plant

The spider plant is a very popular trailing plant. With long spindly leaves, they are playful and easy to take care of.

Plant Guide
Good in any light, apart from direct sunlight, water weekly.

BS Master Format images Table Boston Fern Ballyseedy House Plants

Boston Fern

Possibly the easiest fern to grow, the Boston fern is known for its elegance and air purifying abilities.

Plant Guide
Keep in medium light to bright indirect light and water often.

BS Master Format images Floor Medium Spathiphyllum Sebastiano Ballyseedy House Floor Plants Ireland 72d6364c 56ad 4a2b 8842

Peace Lily

Air purifying and lush, the evergreen Peace Lily is a true jungle plant that required very little sunlight and water.

Plant Guide
Bright indirect light, to shade, regular watering, but do not allow to get soggy.


Orchids are a timeless beauty. Tall and elegant with graceful arching floral blooms, this species despite its delicate appearance, is an ideal orchid for beginners.

Plant Guide
Medium to bright indirect light, keep out of the sun. Water every 2 weeks when in bloom.

Monstera Deliciosa

A clear favourite amongst plant parents, the Monstera Deliciosa is nicknamed the Swiss Cheese Plant because of the holes in its leaves.

Plant Guide
The Monstera loves humidity, so mist often or place on a humid pebble tray and you will notice the leaves getting bigger, with more slits and fenestrations.

BS Master Format images Floor Kentia Palm Ballyseedy House Plants Ireland2

Kentia Palm

Air purifying with feather type, green leaves, the Kentia Palm has got that Art Deco vibe going. South Pacific plant that grows slowly, meaning no frequent re-potting.

Plant Guide
Medium to low light. Allow the top level of the soil to dry out between waterings.

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