Bathrooms4U are delighted to announce another addition to our ever-expanding team – FlexManager!

FlexManager is a market-leading business management solution, with a focus on compliance and administration. Downloaded as an app on each team member’s phone or device, it helps remove excess management time, leaving our tradesmen to focus on what they do best.

This new technology brings all the B4U needs flowing into a single, flexible and functional platform, easily accessible by all!

With the B4U team continually expanding nationwide, with teams in Kerry, Cork, Limerick and Dublin, FlexManager is an easy way to keep our team in constant communication, easily streamlining the workload.

The use of integrated technology allows us to record data quickly, and puts the power of a full enterprise solution right in our pockets! 

The app houses dashboards, employee portals, SMS messages, E-learning, contractor access and much, much more.

We are excited to see the growth of Bathrooms4U through the remainder of 2022 with the help of FlexManager!