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5 Tips To Clean Your Bathroom with Bathrooms4U

At Bathrooms4U, we know that cleaning your bathroom can be an unwanted task. To help you make your bathroom shine, we have put together 5 tips to help you clean your bathroom.

1. Easily Remove Limescale
Limescale can cause havoc to your bathroom fixtures. To get rid of the limescale:
– Soak a cloth or a kitchen towel with white vinegar and wrap it around the tap.
– Leave overnight and rinse thoroughly with warm soapy water.
– If there are any stains remain, remove them with a toothbrush.

Tips to clean your bathroom

2. Always clean left-to-right

Whether your shower/tub is on the left or the right, that’s where you’ll start, and move across the room accordingly. Cleaning in this manner ensures that you cover the entire room instead of dashing from place to place. As many of us will see something and clean it, then we look up and see something else clean it, and the dirt falls down on what you just cleaned.

3. Cleaning your bathroom walls and floor

Our bathroom walls can contain the residue steam and grim from showers and baths. Which can cause the tiles to lose the shine, we all so love!  So don’t forget to clean your bathroom walls by wiping them down with an all-purpose cleaning product. An extendable mop or window cleaner is the right choice for reaching up high and should help to speed up the process.

4. Make your chrome fixtures shine with Lemon!

To remove water stains from chrome appliances and hardware, use half a lemon and rub it onto the surface. You’ll be amazed at the shine!

5. Keep your mirrors from getting fogged up!

To keep mirrors steam-free, apply a little shaving foam evenly across the surface. Wipe away and buff with a microfibre cloth. Your mirror will stay fog-free for weeks, it’s as easy at that! 

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